Meet Kevin

Early life

Kevin was born in Owosso, Michigan to Karen and Brian Rathbun. His parents and grandparents have been lifetime residents of Shiawassee county. He attended Corunna Public Schools and was very active in sports throughout his K-12 journey. During his Senior year of high school, Kevin decided to join the Army to follow his passion of making a difference for his country. In 2006, Kevin married Ashley Parsons, his best friend. Kevin and Ashley have 4 children together ranging in ages from 5 to 12.

military service

Kevin joined the military in 1998 as a Senior in high school. He went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basic training. After basic training and job training he was stationed at Schoffield Barracks in Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Kevin was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He was transferred to Fort Carson, Colorado in 2003 and was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom for 9 months and again to Iraq in 2005 for Operation Iraqi Freedom III . In 2006 he was transferred once again to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he spent 3 years. During that time, he deployed to Afghanistan for a 15 month tour in the Logar Province. Kevin spent the last 6 years of his military service in Fredericksburg, Virginia where he served as a military police officer. In 2015, Kevin moved back to Michigan to serve as a Military Recruiter for the Army for 3 years. After 20 years in the military, Kevin retired from active duty and chose to stay in his home state of Michigan.

Returning home to corunna

After living away from home for 20 years, traveling and deploying around the world throughout his military career, Kevin and Ashley decided to move back home to Shiawassee County to raise their children. It was a priority to them for their children to have small town values.

To live in a place where they can walk to school and be a face in the community instead of a number. After living in Washington D.C and dealing with traffic on a daily basis, they were ready to come back to the rural farm area and to be residents of Michigan again.

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